A Parent’s Guide to Funding and Services for Children with Aspergers Syndrome aged 7 - 16

Living with Aspergers Syndrome in the family makes for a challenging, yet always interesting journey.  Our children need near-constant support and guidance as they deal with daily issues the neuro-typical community never imagines.  And it’s not just the child diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (AS) that needs support - parents, siblings and carers all need help at times.

Based on my own family’s experiences, and extensive research, I have developed this guide to assist Australian families with a school-aged child to access the best funding, support and advice possible on their ASD journey.

Versions of the document are planned to keep up with changes in funding levels, programs and services.   To purchase a copy go to the eStore link on this page.

Good luck on your journey!



"I have read your book and congratulate you.  Great job and full of valuable information.  I wish I had something like this when my son was first diagnosed."