Lyndel Kennedy

Lyndel Kennedy is a author, editor and mother of three, including two children with Aspergers. Her eldest Aspie is now in his first year of University, and the youngest is in year 7.

As the former president of Aspergers Victoria, Lyndel ran parent support groups, delivered Aspergers information sessions, and maintained their website. Managing a team of 40 volunteers, Lyndel was actively involved in the running of Aspergers Victoria for nearly eight years. 

Lyndel has given over 30 talks on Aspergers, including presentations at the 2014 Victorian Autism Conference and 2013 SAAIF Gippsland Autism Conference. She presented at the April 2016 Melbourne Autism Expo and Aspect Autism in Education Conference in May 2016. 

Lyndel has a Bachelor of Economics and a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing. She is a member of the Institute of Professional Editors and the Australian Society of Authors.

Her first book, 'The Hidden Diffability: Discovering Aspergers' was published in 2012. The first in the series ‘Australian Stories of Asperger Syndrome’ it is based on a collection of 15 in depth case studies, examining the lived experience of Aspergers in the Australian context. Her next book 'The Hidden Diffability: Aspergers at School' is due for publication in 2016.


"The Hidden Diffability: When my eldest child was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, like many parents, I embarked on a crusade to learn everything I could about the condition.  I devoured every book I could find, and made copious notes at every ‘expert’ encounter.

At the same time, our initial family response was to keep knowledge of our son’s diagnosis strictly on an ‘as needed’ basis – immediate family and teachers only.

As a writer, our decision to keep AS quiet meant I had to find other topics to write about.  It wasn’t until my son, then eleven, asked “Why aren’t you writing about AS?  The more people know about it, the more understanding there will be in the world.”

From my own research I knew there were already many books available about Aspergers Syndrome.  But they were mostly American and English voices, telling American and English stories.  Or if they were Australian voices, they were focussed more on the classic autism tale of early diagnosis and intensive behavioural interventions.  They did not speak of my family’s experiences.

And so, with my son’s blessing, I embarked on a mission; to tell our story, to help others benefit from the knowledge I have gained, and to provide an opportunity for other Australian families to share their wisdom and insights about living in Asperger Land.

From 2008-2015 I worked for Aspergers Victoria, as a parent and carer support group facilitator, technology coordinator, vice president and president.  From 2010-2015 I updated their website weekly with the latest news in autism related research, parent and professional education seminars, guest speaker nights and support group meetings. Aspergers Victoria maintains a register of professionals recommended as experienced in working with individuals on the autism spectrum, including Aspergers."

Please take a moment to visit the Aspergers Victoria website.