Useful Links


  • Aspergers Victoria

    run by adults with, and parents of people with Aspergers. Provides information, support and community services to the Victorian Aspergers Community

  • The I Can Network

  • Musings of An Aspie

  • Raising Children

    an Australian Government supported website showing the various pathways through diagnosis and support

  • Amaze (formerly Autism Victoria)

    great local content, well presented, with up to date information on seminars, conferences, research opportunities. Designed with the different needs of parents, professionals, individuals with Autism, and students in mind.

  • The Australian Autism Handbook official website

    Handbook official website, with extracts, authors' blog, and content updates

  • Asperger Syndrome: Thinking Out of the Box

    dedicated to encouraging people to view Aspergers in a more positive light.

  • aspergertoolbox.blogspot

    Kris, mother of an aspie, blogs about schools, homework help, social skills classes, siblings issues, theatre sports, etc

  • Australian Government's Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)

    Helping Children With Autism initiative

  • Gateways Support Services

    an organisation dedicated to helping communities to better include and accommodate individuals and families with special needs. The Autism Help section of their website gives valuable information and printable resources for parents, teachers, others inte


    an online independent magazine, with over 20 million monthly readers, and a growing section of current articles about ASD, written by parents and professionals


    American website focussing on resources and academic programs for children with AS. The site contains some great articles about various aspects of AS, such as denying diagnosis, sensory integration, bullying, managing fixations, and ideal gifts for child

  • Autism Speaks

    America's largest autism science and advocacy organisation, dedicated to funding research, increasing awareness of, and advocating for the autism community.

  • My Friend Has Aspergers

    Author Amanda Curtis has created a unique resource for primary schools and families to help educate a child's peers about their Aspergers.

  • Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre

    Australia's leading autism research centre, based at La Trobe University Melbourne, exists to advance knowledge of autism. Their website provides the very latest in research results, and dispels common myths and misconceptions.