What does an editor do? Do I really need to have my work edited by someone else? How much will it cost?

These are common questions asked by potential clients about the role of an editor. It's best if we can discuss your project in person or over the phone, but in the meantime here's some details.

Editing is the process of improving written communication by removing factual, grammatical or typographical errors, clarifying the author's message, ensuring the language, tone and content are suitable for the target audience, and ensuring the overall structure and flow of the work is appropriate for its purpose.

There are four main types of editing: 

  1. Structural editing (also known as substantive or developmental) looks at the whole work and improves logical flow, overall structure, and appropriateness of tone and language.
  2. Line editing or stylistic editing involves recasting sentences for clarity and flow. Is the vocabulary appropriate to the audience? Is there enough variety in adjectives and sentence structure? Are paragraphs linked neatly? Too much jargon?
  3. Copyediting is what most people imagine editing to be, and covers spelling, grammar, internal consistency. Think of it as quality control
  4. Proofreading is the final stage. When the text has been prepared for publication (print or digital) the editor will go over it again closely, looking for typos, repeated words, punctuation and formatting errors. 

An estimate of time and cost will be provided after discussing your requirements and assessing your document.

As part of the editing service, we can also guide you through the self publishing process if that is your goal.

As a member of the Institute of Professional Editors and the Australian Society of Authors, we use the Australian Style Manual for authors, editors and printers, and adhere to the Australian Standards for Editing Practice 2nd Edition.


Blasck Publishing can assist clients with their writing needs, from ghost writing and large work commissions, through to preparing guides, information kits, booklets and pamphlets.

Public Speaking

Lyndel Kennedy is available for talks and presentations to parent groups, conferences, student groups, teaching staff, and publishing students on topics to do with Aspergers, advocacy, special needs, editing and self publishing. You can view a list of her previous and upcoming speaking engagements here - Appearances.


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