"Absolutely brilliant presentation by Lyndel Kennedy.  Her advice & insight into the way "aspies" respond to their environment was invaluable. Reflection also on the students' past experience of education in other settings & the impact that can have in our classroom I found moving.  An excellent PD thank you." MR

"Lyndel demonstrated a wealth of knowledge as to the experiences at school of students with AS and presented a range of strategies that can best support these students." PB

"Great information provided, loved the slides & notes, lots of good ways to find funding."

"Her talk was really interesting and useful."

"Absolutely helpful and supportive information."


Editing Services:

"You have done a wonderful job editing my project. I marvel at your eye for detail and value your suggestions for improvement. I couldn't have found a better editor - a perfect gem. I hope we can work together again. Thank you for all your hard work, your support and encouragement." Shirley Fung, author of Second Chinese Daughter.