Australian Stories about Aspergers Syndrome

In my forthcoming book, The Hidden Diffability, my aim is to include a wide range of voices and viewpoints in my collection of Australian Stories about Aspergers Syndrome

  - from the parents of young children and teenagers, to mothers of the often-forgotten girls with AS, 

  - from children and adults with AS, to their siblings and grandparents.  

Aspergers Syndrome, in all its wonderful, creative and astounding colours, causes social challenges and obstacles that can bamboozle and confound.  By being a part of this collection, you can share your experiences and the myriad of clever ways your family has found to cope with AS.  And by putting our voices together, we can help improve the neuro-typical world's understanding of AS, and make the lives of our beloved Aspies a little bit better.

Please contact me via the link on the right-hand side of this page, if you'd like to participate in a one-hour interview.   Pseudonyms will be used throughout the book, so your privacy is assured.