Just One More Interview

Hidden Diffability - the book - needs your help.  The interview process has been going really well, and I now need to conduct just one more interview.  

If you are a young adult and have a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, I would love to spend an hour or two talking with you about your life experiences.  This can be done in person in the greater Melbourne area, via phone or email.  Just click on the Email Me button on the left if you have any questions.

As for all previous participants, your privacy and confidentiality is assured.  Pseudonyms will be used and no individuals, schools or organisations will be identified.  

Here's your chance to help the Asperger community, and the wider community, gain a little insight and understanding into the wonderful ways of the Aspergian mind.  

Here's your chance to add to the Australian knowledge base for Asperger Syndrome.

Here's your chance to tell your story.