Tis Done!

Well, only a few months behind (my self imposed) schedule, but what a great feeling!

Yesterday I delivered my completed Hidden Diffability manuscript to my writing tutor/mentor/friend Hazel Edwards for a full manuscript assessment.  All 174,000 words of it.  That'll make about 580 pages in printed form.

I'm sure parts will need re-drafting, but I'm hoping to get it to market in e-book form over the next 2-3 months.  Traditional print publishing options are also being investigated.  Watch this space.

To the 15 families who shared their story with me, I give my most heartfelt thanks.  Your courage and generosity will be of enormous benefit, comfort and solace to the many families following in your footsteps, and I'm sure the wisdom you are sharing through this book will help them progress faster and with less heart ache along the way.

To the members of our First Friday Parents & Carers Support Group at ASSN Vic, I also offer you my thanks, for sharing your tips and strategies, for supporting each other and celebrating together, and for bearing with me as I've rabbited on about my ideas!

To my family and friends who have helped, and are still helping, in so many practical ways after my spinal fracture in January, and then Aidan's bilateral foot/ankle correction surgery in September, what can I say?  Thank you is nowhere near enough.  While this year has been harder than I could ever have imagined, the blessings of true friendship, courage and inspiration have helped sustain us all.  I am forever indebted.