Book Launch Photos

Thank you David Pringle, President of ASSN, and Dr Richard Eisenmajer, Director of The ASD Clinic for your very kind words at the launch.

To the ASSN committee and HazelNut crew, thank you for your great ideas, kindness and practical help on the night.

Thank you to all my wonderful family and friends (both old and brand new!) for coming along to our ASSN Christmas party and book launch.

It was a great night, which I hope will become an annual event for ASSN - well, the Christmas party side of it at any rate.

Below is the 12 minute video of my speech from 12-12-12

Lyndel Kennedy

Dr Richard Eisenmajer

Hazel Edwards (2nd from left) and the HazelNut team 

Hazel Edwards, Christina Crossley Ratcliffe, Dr Richard Eisenmajer, Lyndel & Aidan Kennedy


David Pringle, Dr Richard Eisenmajer, Lyndel Kennedy

Amanda Curtis, author of 'My Friend Has Aspergers' and Lyndel Kennedy