The Hidden Diffability: Discovering Aspergers is now available

The Hidden Diffability: Discovering Aspergers by Lyndel Kennedy is now available both from this website and the Amazon online store.

The first in a series of three books telling Australian stories of Asperger syndrome, The Hidden Diffability: Discovering Aspergers illuminates the misunderstood journey families face when a loved one is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. From the turbulence of diagnosis, the maze of therapies and funding options, the trials of finding the right schools, supports and advice, through to everyday success stories, Lyndel Kennedy has combined 15 family interviews with personal and professional experience and extensive research to provide a much-needed Australian resource. The Hidden Diffability: Discovering Aspergers enables parents, carers and individuals with Aspergers to share strategies and successes—you are not alone in the challenging journey along the Autism Spectrum.

In The Series:

Part One: Discovering Aspergers covers the beginning of the Asperger journey, regardless of age: first signs, getting a diagnosis, sharing the diagnosis, presenting Aspergers to peers, current therapies and interventions, funding and support, and finally a look at the positives of being an 'Aspie'. It also includes an extensive glossary, full diagnostic criteria, and recommended reading and resources.

Part Two: Aspergers at School covers the journey through the school years: finding a school, teacher training, modifying the curriculum, integration aides, frenemies, transitions between schools, camps and exams.

Part Three: Everyday Aspergers covers the strategies that make a difference to daily living: sleep, food, medication, family traits, sibling skirmishes, anxiety, travel, sport, social attitudes, empathy, and finishes with a fascinating look at some very passionate interests.

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