End of an (AV) Era

It's been a strange day today. Yesterday I finally handed over the keys (read manual, documents and passwords) to all the Aspergers Victoria systems and accounts I have been managing to the new Technology Coordinator.  A month ago, after the AGM, I handed over the President.  I am now, officially, no longer on the board.  

I'm not sure if this feeling is a little bit of separation anxiety, or something like the lurch in your chest when your child moves out of home.  I'm sure they'll be absolutely fine without me, as it's a truly marvellous team of experienced and enthusiastic volunteers we've built over the years. The program of events for 2016 is the biggest yet, and sure to have something to tempt overy member of the Aspergers family.

But for me, after nearly 8 years of volunteering with AV, often up to 30 hours per week, I'm hoping to find some balance in my life, and finally, time to finish the Hidden Diffability book series I started back in 2010. And time to update this website, and resume communicating with you!  Thank you for your patience while I've neglected you so badly.